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Chariot Cougar-1

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Desperate not to lose our cycling my Wife and I have embarked on the journey to find the best kids Trailer on the market. Cycling is what brought us together and we struggle to do it separately.

With the onset of a new edition to the family who, for some reason at birth is not yet ready to ride a bike ( what is with that?) we need to find a way to keep mobile and maintain our healthy lifestyle. Just happens that there was a Chariot in the office that had my name all over it to review.

Chariot originates from Canada where there main focus is in kids trailers/ carriers. You can tell this is their speciality with the quality and list of accessories designed around safely transporting your precious cargo.

Expecting only one more child it was the Cougar 1 we were looking at before the review came up so I was meant to be when I opened up the box to find exactly that! Someone was looking out for me.

The first thing I noticed was how well this Trailer has been constructed. I have been around cheaper versions over the years and always struggled with how cheap they were constructed and never felt that i would trust one with my own child.

Made from anodised aluminium, smooth as silk wheels that seem to keep turning and would be great on my own bike.


Now you can have your little darling trail along and you can both enjoy a different adventure. Cougar will craddle your child like the little one is in a cozy room while loving the outdoor view. It has padded seats, climate control vent, and the adjustable suspension will ensure a smooth ride. Hear the baby go "coo" and "wee" as you roll around the block or take a short trip to the park.

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