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CatEye Q3a MSC-CY300

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The Q3a is CatEye’s new all-encompassing solution for your multi-sports needs. The Q3a feature all of the standard cycling functions along with an accurate heart rate monitor and altimeter in a compact, wrist-mounted, downloadable package.

The Q3a allows you to customize your training experience with 5 programmable heart rate zones, up to 99 laps with real time lap functions, and both time and distance interval functions. There are programmable time and distance countdown functions and a cadence tracker, a temperature gauge and, when those open water swims call, is waterproof up to 30m.

The Q3a enhances your training with a fully functioning altimeter that will display your current and ascending altitude measurements as well as the slope angle.

The Q series functions on a 2.4GHz digitally encoded wireless band and will store up to 30 training files, downloadable with the USB Dongle (available separately). Along with your training data, it will record your total weekly, monthly, and yearly time and distance automatically.

A handlebar mount and cadence sensor are included so you’ll be ready to go right out of the box.

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