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SPHINX is a dedicated endurance racing bar. World points racing champion Cameron Meyer helped our team engineer this design. Its unique forward ‘bend’ supports the rider in the ‘sphinx’ wide-aero position pioneered by the great Spanish track champion Joan Llaneras. This innovative bar combines an aerofoil top section with lower handholds from the established and popular ERGOSUM. The ‘wingtips’ of the aerofoil meet the upper part of the round-section drops, which are slightly tilted up. This allows riders to hook their wrists inside the bend, palms facing outwards. The vertical section of the ‘bend’ flattens into a narrow aerofoil section, and then joins the bottoms which provide a conventional round-section handhold for the sprint. SPHINX provides optimized positions for points and Madison races that alternate between level high speed and all-out sprinting.

Note: The UCI Technological Coordinator has evaluated SPHINX and confirmed the bar meets UCI regulations. However, stem length is critical to staying within the rules.

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