Vivente Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:1979

Vivente Cycles is an Australian bicycle manufacturer specializing in touring bikes. They offer a select but comprehensive range of different models appropriate for bike tourists of varying philosophies, with choices in drivetrain, bar setup, load carrying, and accessories. Available at shops throughout Australia and worldwide via mail order from their website. Vivente offers extensive information for its international customers on its site.

Founded in 1979 by Noel McFarlane, Vivente (then Calypso Cycles) started as a builder of custom touring bikes, acquiring frames and componentry from other manufacturers. Encountering constraints in availability from wholesalers, the company developed its own standard designs, suitable for manufacture, and began selling its first own-brand bike, the Randonneur. Within a few years the World Randonneur was born. This proliferated into the multiple models available today.

Every World Randonneur is built on a chromoly steel frame, durable, resilient, and eminently repairable almost anywhere on the planet. Current kit includes what were once considered aftermarket items: dynamo hub generators, durable racks, mudguards and more touring necessities are now integral to the build. Vivente has been quick to adopt sensible new technologies, from clipless pedals to road disc brakes. Bikes are tested in some of the most challenging tours to be made; for example, the Decca is named after an Indian plateau where it spent years before entering production.

Currently Vivente offers six models. Options address practically any tourist's preferences: shifting choices include bar-end, dual-control, trigger, or an ingenious center-mount Rohloff control, the last paired with a Nitto drop bar. Bar choices also include Humpert's Trekking bar and an upright paired with ergonomic grips and stubby barends. Disc brakes are universal, as are DT spokes and 36H rims, hub dynamos, head and tail lights, mudguards and the Tubus rear rack.

Vivente's eminently practical bikes offer epic riding comfort, easy repairs, durability and facilities any long-distance tourer needs. Stop by a shop or contact Vivente to find the best touring bike for you.

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