Nalini Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1981
MOA SPORT, better known as NALINI, has been manufacturing cycling sportswear for over 30 years running a completely vertical manufacturing operation, from fabric development to finished garment. Nalini name dates from 1970 when the Mantovani brothers, Vincenzo and Claudio, offered the first of their many innovations and improvements in professional cyclist’s wear. Their company, Moa sport, came out with the “Nalini pad”, a revolutionary new chamois that dramatically improved the fit and comfort of racing shorts. Since it was founded, it has built up a leading position on international markets. Several professional teams, over 500 clubs, thousands of items per day, entirely manufactured in the factory in Castel d'Ario, nearby Mantova: these numbers turn into a high quality production, studied both for professional and amateur cycling. MOA SPORT is proud sponsor of the most important professional teams, manufactures and sells pro tour replicas. Moreover it developes different NALINI COLLECTIONS, highly technical and at the same time fashionable, result of a constant research and study on fabrics and details. Near the already well known Nalini brand, Moa Sport is now developing and lounching a new brand called “Moa”. Such us Nalini, also Moa is caracterized by outstanding quality, stylish designs and rich range of products that assure it a great position in specialized and high end markets MOA line can rely on a solid know how developed by the company in every production process: from the research on new fabrics and manufacturing processes, to the utmost care for designs and style; from modelling and cutting, to the technical and commercial assistance. The aim is to guarantee high-quality goods and the best answer to any customer request. These assets of expertises and technologies make MOA SPORT a symbol of the Made in Italy sportswear, highly valued all over the world.
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