Leatt Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:South Africa
  • Year Founded:2001

Leatt is a South Africa-based manufacturer of protective gear for motocross, BMX, and off-road cyclists. The catalogue includes helmets, armor, braces, gloves, and their award-winning neck braces. Equipment from Leatt is available from dealers in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas, as well as via the company's U.S. online shop.

Begun in 2001 by Dr. Chris Leatt, who began developing neck brace prototypes after a fellow rider's death. After several years, the first production brace was introduced; its popularity among motocrossers increased rapidly. Award-winning, with encouragements from current and former pros, Leatt took off. In 2010 the company's first bicycle-specific brace, the DBX, was introduced. The Leatt brace is worn by championship winning pro riders, becoming an integral part of rider gear. Today the company produces braces and protective gear for riders of all stripes.

Leatt is serious about its development of protective equipment. Research studies, statistics, histories and white papers are all freely available from the company's website. Its testing methodologies are publicly shared, underscoring the earnest nature of the company and the seriousness of its products.

The braces are the company's flagship product. Today the range includes braces for motocross, downhill and freeriding bicyclists, street motorcyclists, winter sports, and motor track. Design is exceptional; offering extensive crash protection, seamless pairing with full-face helmets, and fitted for high levels of comfort, they are very wearable, an easy addition to protective kit.

Helmets are available for motocross and off-road cycling. Incorporating the latest in materials, they are lightweight and well-ventilated, providing excellent protection and cooling. Protection is provided against direct and rotational impact forces.

Body armor offerings are extensive, from shorts with impact padding to joint protectors, chest guards, shin guards, shoulder braces, and a kidney belt. Hard and soft shell models are available. All models include protective ratings for impact types, to aid the rider in selecting the correct model for their style of riding.

The rest of the range, from gloves to padding kits to knee braces, is all designed to provide the highest functionality and protection.

Leatt makes excellent, high quality, smartly designed protective gear for off-roaders, motor- or human-powered. Improve your protection; stop by your local shop and check out the fine offerings from Leatt.

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