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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2002

Gladiator Garage Works is a brand of U.S. company Whirlpool, devoted to useful devices for the garage, from tool cabinets to sporting good storage to refrigerators. Gladiator products are available from home improvement stores, hardware stores, and other retailers across the U.S. and Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Gladiator offers a range of storage solutions, from single item stores to full rooms, all sturdy and durable. While certainly very useful for the garage, items can find purpose elsewhere, in basements, pantries, home offices, or laundry rooms. While functionality is clearly visible, the aesthetic is not poor.

Cabinetry includes both fixed-position and mobile constructs, with a range of sizes and colors offered. Bamboo surfaces are optionally available, turning rolling cabinets into portable workspaces. For more permanent arrangements the company offers adjustable-height workbenches up to 8' wide, incredibly sturdy, with tops 1-3/4" thick.

Tool chests are modular. Combine base, middle and top to create the optimal tool storage, all with heavy-duty smooth-rolling casters. With a thousand-pound weight limit, multiple drawer widths and depths, dedicated slides, and a tough finish, these are cases worthy of storing your slowly acquired tool collection.

Storage for sporting goods is extensive, with purpose-built bins, shelves, hooks, and more. Bicycles are well-accounted for, with wall hooks for horizontal or vertical storage, and an ingenious mechanical locking/unlocking ceiling hook capable of supporting any bike up to 50 pounds and locking or releasing simply and reliably.

Gladiator Garage Works makes useful storage for all things bike-related, including the bike. Check them out at your local hardware retailer.

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