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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1986
The roots of Genuine Innovations date back to 1986 when Tony Hollars approached bike shop owner, Jeff Bleecker, with his idea for a unique, controllable CO2 tire inflator for bicycles. Innovations in Cycling was born in 1989 when Jeff & Tony went into production with their first CO2 inflation device, the "GT Instaflate" which was sold to GT bicycles as an exclusively branded product for their new mountain bike line. In 1991 Jeff and Tony were approached by Reebok to develop a custom CO2 inflation device to be used with the popular Reebok "Pump" shoe line. By 1995, Innovations had produced over 1.8 million CO2 pumps for Reebok. We have since gone on to develop the world's leading line of CO2 powered tire inflation products for the cycling and motor sports industry, sold under our Genuine Innovations brand. In addition to our standard retail products, we design custom engineered devices for a variety of industries using our patented and proprietary CO2 valve technology. Our experience ranges from designing advanced CO2 powered products for Fortune 500 companies to creating unique consumer products such as dust blowers and a CO2 powered air brush. Our engineers can review your needs and provide solutions featuring our exclusive CO2 delivery technology.
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