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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2015

Enviro Things is a one-person operation, producing useful green products in small quantities and information in larger amounts, supplying and enlightening its customers.

Founded by Jayne Rutter in 2015, Enviro Things has a mission, to improve the environmental relationship of people. Pursuing this purpose through habits, choices, and, currently, a select few items for cleaning bikes, the company is small, but makes a big impact.

The multi-purpose Bike Cloth is the company's flagship product. Designed and hand-made in Australia, each one is unique in appearance, and novel in utility: intended to clean both bike and rider, its microfiber construction works wet and dry, removing dirt, mud, grime, grease, polishing frames and parts, drying a rider after rainy days, and more.

A small, delightful company, Enviro Things offers its products through several online retailers. Check out their small but mighty catalogue today.

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