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  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:2010

Bike Ahead Composites is a German manufacturer of carbon bike parts, developing its own technologies to keep on the cutting edge. The current catalogue includes wheelsets, cockpit, and accessories.

Founded in 2010, Bike Ahead is a newcomer, but they should not be dismissed for their youth: production quality is impeccable. The attention to detail is visible everywhere, from the flawless machined rotor mount points on the all mountain wheelset to the ingenious synthetic rubber insert in the bar's clamp area.

Wheels are constructed from some of the toughest carbon available. Bike Ahead attends closely to the whole process; the wheels are made entirely in Germany. All mountain and trails riders are multiply accommodated, and most recently, the company has added an aerodynamically tuned road wheel.

On the technology front, the company has introduced some advances sure to be the envy of other manufacturers. The company has won an award for its development of a synthetic compound which serves to increase friction, reduce required clamp force, and provide a very secure bond, useful for seatposts, bar/stem junctures, and the like; this was recognized as one of the best technologies of 2016 at Eurobike.

The company is involved in the racing community, sponsoring three regional off-road teams and one pro circuit team, the last including world champion Jolanda Neff.

Bike Ahead makes light, tough wheels and some very nice smaller pieces, all worthy additions to a off-road racer's ride.

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