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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2012

Barfly is a U.S.-based manufacturer of computer mounts and bike accessories. The catalogue includes ranges of road and off-road mounts, fenders, and a miscellany of additional items. Barfly products can be found at the company's online store, in bike shops across the U.S., or from distributors across the globe.

Founded in 2012, Barfly's first product was a computer mount. A quiet success, its revenues allowed the company to expand its collection and availability; Barfly mounts can now be found in shops from Maine to Hawaii.

The computer mounts are the company's stock in trade. A single base mount for off-roading can be had with inexpensive adapters for a plethora of different computers; road mounts are offered in a number of profiles, effectively addressing traditional road, time trial, and triathlon, with choices in positioning and bar-attachment mechanism. Combination mounts, light mounts and front or rear camera mounts are also available, as are accessories and replacement small parts.

Barfly also produces fast-install fenders for everything from cyclocross to fatbiking, reusable zip ties included. The company has focused on fit, creating fenders that will work on the vast majority of bikes.

Barfly makes a reliable computer mount and adapters for a large number of computers. If you're looking for a secure perch for your data collector, take a gander at Barfly.

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