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  • Nationality:Netherlands
  • Year Founded:2006

Babboe is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of cargo bicycles and tricycles. Started by parents on a quest for the bike equivalent of the station wagon, Babboe's current catalogue includes models capable of carrying large loads and multiple children.

The company's first vehicle was the Babboe Big, a trike with a huge front carrier, its high sides keeping kids safe and loads from spilling over. Since then the line has expanded, adding two-wheelers, electric assist, seats, locks, benches, covers, racks, and, of course, a sunroof. Bikes are available directly from the company, or from select shops through the UK. Many owners are also Babboe Ambassadors, offering interested riders the opportunity for a test ride. Within the UK, Babboe will deliver any model fully assembled.

The Big is the company's flagship model. Honed over the years since its inception, the current Big is a very solid piece of machinery, capable of moving large quantities of people and objects easily from place to place. Brakes are hub-based, providing sure stopping power in any circumstances. The electric edition of the Big adds a powerful 250W electric motor, with a range of easily 40km on a single charge.

The City is a two-wheel cargo/people carrier. The container is narrower than the Big, and carrying capacity is slightly lower. Maneuverability is higher; the carrier is mounted quite low, offering inherent stability. An electric version is in the works.

Babboe makes reliable, simple, flexible cargo bikes. Try one out, from a shop or an Ambassador, and see whether it is a congenial ride for you.

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