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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:2014

For the everyday runners, cyclists, and athletes that train in outdoor conditions (especially low-light), ArroWhere provides performance equipment and apparel that ensures their safety of others sharing the motorway. Through its simple yet revolutionary patented/patent-pending designs and products, ArroWhere creates a common language between everyday athletes and motorists that improves communication, facilitates understanding, and establishes a foundation for a cooperative motorway sharing community.

Our worldwide patent-pending ArroWhere Arrow design can be seen in low beam car headlights at a distance of as much as 1/4 mile or more from the wearer. Thanks to the ubiquitous message contained in the arrow design, drivers and other road users most likely will subconsciously and/or automatically react to the reflected ArroWhere Arrow as it guides them to move in a direction away from the wearer/user.  As is the case in the many other roadside applications of arrow signage, no driver intends to hit an arrow and, whether he/she understands that the arrow is worn by a cyclist or not, he/she will move around such a symbol.

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