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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1998

Aqua Sphere is an Italian company that makes goggles and swimwear for triathletes and swimmers. The extensive catalogue includes a wide range of goggles, training gear, trunks, swimsuits, wetsuits, water shoes and miscellany from nose plugs to towels, all made in Italy. Everything is available from the company's online store, shippable worldwide, or can be found in sporting goods and water sport stores around the world.

Founded in 1998, Aqua Sphere has always prided itself on making everything locally, which it still does today. The company has stayed on the cutting edge of the industry since its inception, creating ergonomic shapes for its goggles, novel, effective training equipment, and more. Its influence can be seen throughout the industry.

The goggles are surprisingly inexpensive, high quality, comfortable eyewear. Designed with input from champion triathletes and Olympic swimmers, they're some of the finest swim goggles available. Several varieties have lenses that can be swapped out for prescriptions. Anti-fogging treatment is common, as is scratch resistance; all goggles offer 100% UV protection.

The clothing is properly cut, made from the company's proprietary Aqua X fabric, and available in an array of patterns. Suits span from ladies' tanks to briefs. Wetsuits for men and women are offered in neoprene, with strategically placed panels of stretchy fabric to maximize ease of motion.

Aqua Sphere makes good quality swimwear and goggles. Take a look before your next triathlon.

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