Alpina Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:1980
In 1980 , Werner Grau ALPINA. 2011, the company is based near Augsburg in ski and bicycle helmets, ski goggles and sports among the market leaders. The intervening 30 years were good for many a highlight. 1980: The Greens on the political stage. Sartre, Hitchcock and Lennon come from. In the United States is a Western hero president. And in Friedberg-Derching Werner Grau and colleagues found the reason why ALPINA. Their plan: the best helmets, ski and sport goggles produce. Not at the other end of the world, but in the middle of Bavaria. 1981: IBM invents the PC. ALPINA ski goggles and one called TURBO. She has black tinted windows - a revolutionary concept that allows the goggles look old quickly established brands. The Wild Eighties: style icons burn itself into our collective memory 1983: Apple invented the mouse and Konrad Kujau the Hitler diaries. SWING Alpinas sports glasses comes to its triumphant through all the outdoor sports in the world. In addition to those from Tour de France winner Stephen Roche and Mountain Bike World Cup winner Mike Kluge protects them until today, over three million pairs of eyes - a world record! 1987: Gorby says "glasnost". This new openness Mathias Rust flew in letter and a quick trip to Moscow. Meanwhile flies ALPINA ski goggles with a market share of a more than 40 percent. And still beautiful on the ground Swabian virtues. 1988: The Tennis-euphoria to Steffi and Boris reached its peak. ALPINA developed contrary to expectations, no tennis glasses, but rather his first bike special glasses - the BEL AIR. Smart decision. For the tennis craze goes, the wheel boom, however, remains. 1989: The Berlin Wall falls. ALPINA also expanding. But to the south and founded the two subsidiaries ALPINA ALPINA Austria and Swiss. The two together control about 30 percent today of total sales. World Wide Web, and QUATTROFLEX - the decade of revolution 1992: Bill Clinton is the most powerful man in the world. ALPINA goggles and the leading brand in Europe - the new, unbreakable and hard-coated polycarbonate lenses of the CER-LENS technology is thanks. 1993: The five digit postal code for letters signify their support and the pure odyssey. Skibrillenträger contrast, always know where to go. Because the new technology QUATTROFLEX by ALPINA ensures through polarizing filters in extremely bad weather conditions for sensational contrast enhancement. 1996: Coca Cola, the Olympics brings to the land of limited impossibilities. ALPINA overtaken bicycle helmets to the range. And takes off like huge. Blame: the RUN system, a novel twist closure at the neck. With ALPINA into the third millennium What separates Mallorca-shooters of skiers? Some fret 2002 on the introduction of environmental tax on the southernmost island in Germany. The others look forward to 2002 on the introduction of back protectors to ALPINA. 2004: The marriage of Britney Spears holding at least two days. The triumph of helmets continues unabated. ALPINA rises to the German market leader. Crucial to the success is even more the RUN system. 2007: The "i" is in. After iPod, iBook and iTunes Apple with the iPhone revolutionized the mobile market now. But do not just pop in California, in the champagne corks Derching - because of the doubling of the ALPINA sales in just seven years. The main reason is the rapid growth in bicycle helmets. 2010: An unspeakable volcano ensures that more than 100,000 flights remain grounded. It also does ALPINA - 2009/10, although nearly 40 million euros, the highest sales year to date in the 31-year history. ALPINA helmets and glasses at the Class is now in Germany, bicycle helmets at least on the podium, facing upwards.
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