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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1967

At Allen, our goal is to design and manufacture the finest bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks available. Ever since Dick Allen started making rear mounted bicycle carriers in his garage in Lincoln, Massachusetts in 1967, our company has been committed to producing the highest quality, easiest to use racks on the market. Allen Sports USA are better for two simple reasons:

1. The quality and versatility of our products ensure that Allen will be the last rack that you will ever have to buy.

2. At every price point, Allen offers better quality and value than just about anything else available.

Allen prides itself in the extremely loyal and satisfied customer base that we have developed over the years with our high quality, easy to use products. We work hard to keep our customers happy.

Allen Sports is dedicated to making our products simple, so you can spend more time enjoying them.

We are constantly developing well designed, easy to use products that are affordable.

This is our mission, our passion and our business.

Allen Sports, so simple, go ride!

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