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  • Nationality:Poland
  • Year Founded:Unknown

Activlab Sports, part of Regis Food Technology, Inc., is a Polish manufacturer of supplements, foods and drinks designed for athletes. The catalogue includes tablets, drinks, and powders, providing everything from quick energy to vitamin supplements. Distribution spans five continents; products are carried by a variety of retailers, from nutrition to bodybuilding.

The products are extensively detailed online at the company's website; complete ingredients, recommended use, effect, target user, and general description are provided for every item.

Amino acids are large on Activlab's landscape; supplements in many forms are offered, providing mid-session boosts, dietary enhancements, high-density pre-training mix with caffeine, muscle mass builders, and steroid alternatives. Aminos appear in many of the company's other products, from quick carb packets to nutrition.

Other items of interest to the cyclist include creatine, a booster for quick-burst activity like intervals and sprinting, the mysterious Black Wolf, a drink powder intended to help build lean muscle mass for endurance events, and green tea derivatives, to keep overall mass down.

With a wide variety of effective aids to cycling performance, strength, and general health, Activlab is a good companion on or off the bike. Stop by a local retailer or explore the online catalogue and see if there's something for your lifestyle.

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