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Academy bmx
  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2010

Academy BMX is a manufacturer of BMX bikes and parts, aimed at beginning freestylers. Starting with the single Aspire model, first sold in 2011, Academy has expanded to offer seven complete bikes and a comprehensive line of parts, from sprockets to stems and bars to wheelsets. Distribution is truly international, spanning five continents, with hundreds of dealers in Australia alone.

Academy is exceptional in its relations with its riders; they encourage every new Academy rider to have the shop email a picture, which they often post to their site. The very first purchaser of a complete Academy bike is enshrined, back in August of 2011; pictures and videos fill the news section every month from then to today. Stickers are freely given with an SASE from anywhere in the world.

The Academy line of bikes is aimed squarely at serious beginning freestylers. Kit is high-performance, matching well with the extremely durable all-steel frames; every part but the pedals is Academy's own. Models are available with a range of top tube lengths and wheel sizes, for a perfect fit for any rider. The venerable Aspire model is traditional 20" BMX; the Desire and Entrant models are for taller and shorter riders respectively, the Inspires have scaled-down geometry with smaller wheel sizes, and the full size Trooper has conservative angles for riders new to cycling as well as BMX for an easy transition.

The exception to the line is a single kid's 12" model, the Trooper, for aspiring riders just too young to ride full-on BMX; styled much like its larger brethren, with an external stem clamp, high-rise bars, horizontal dropouts, offset fork dropouts, and a flattened diamond frame, in smashing color schemes, with a modest number of compromises made for the newness of the riders, including a coaster brake and judicious adjustments to geometry for high stability.

If you're ready to take freestyle seriously, Academy has a bike for you. Stop by your shop today and find the perfect ride.

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