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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2004

9:ZERO:7 is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fat bikes. There from the earliest days of the sport, the Alaska-based company produces a select range of frames in carbon and aluminum, each available as bare frames or built up, with a number of options offered. The range is available online via the company's website.

Starting with a 100-frame run which sold out before the first one was finished, 9:ZERO:7 has been growing steadily ever since, following their original 135mm offset aluminum frame with a titanium 160mm, following that by exploring possibilities in layout, material, fitting fatter tires, full suspension, and most recently, carbon. The company continues to thrive, regularly selling out complete production runs.

The carbon and aluminum frames are substantially similar in layout. Both incorporate a 197mm rear axle, work well with a rigid or suspension fork, and offer exceptional performance; light, very stiff, and with immaculate construction. The company also offers SRAM build kits, the high-performing drivetrain combining with carefully chosen components from other top manufacturers, special attention given to the treads.

An Alaskan company with a focus on local riding, the Whiteout is designed to perform well in snow right out of the box. For year-round riders and those farther south, other choices are available, from a lightweight tread choice, to suspension, to the immense Dillingers for those who wish to go as fat as that.

With an epic history in the home of fat biking, 9:ZERO:7 (named after Alaska's only area code) is living up to its legacy, producing fine riding fat bikes that love the winter. Check out the sweet frames in all their colorful glory, the complete bikes perfect for discovering the pleasures of fatbiking, and find your new winter ride.

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